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Kofta f/w 14

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there are just people out there that are the embodiment of the sun like the things they say and do light up the world and make you feel warm they are human sunshine

aka me


idk man like when someone tries to come to my door and talk to me about jehovah or try to tell me about their religion I just listen

because they’re just doing what they think is right and it honestly takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there like that

and if I ever tried to tell someone about Islam then I would at least want them to hear me out really upsets me when people get rude about it, especially when the person talking about their religion is really polite

they would probably get rude about it too if i showed up on their front door and started talking about how god doesn’t exist

the drop of LRAD makes me feel like i’m coming up every single time i hear it

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Are you the top or bottom? :?



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jake & i

jake & i

this is MY JAM

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